Cold Water Washer

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Bulldog MK4 Cold Water Washers

A heavy duty cold water washer designed of a rugged construction to be suitable for all industrial and agricultural purposes

Design Features

  • Heavy duty mild steel powder coated frame
  • Polyethylene cover
  • Handle folds down for storage or transport


  • Thermal cut out for any overload on power
  • Long life, slow speed, three ceramic piston pump – running at 1400 rpm, pump is ideal for suction feed
  • Adjustable pressure unloader valve
  • Fully adjustable low pressure detergent injector – no disinfectant or detergent goes through the pump
  • Supplied with 30ft high pressure hose/gun & lance
  • Turbo nozzle available as an optional extra

Technical Characteristics

Model Single Phase Three Phase
Pump Outlet 1600psi 2200psi
Consumption 12 LPM 15 LPM
Electrical Motor 2.2 Kw 4 Kw
Jet Supplied 15 Degree 15 Degree
Water Inlet 12.5 mm 12.5 mm
Input Cable 6 Metres 6 Metres
Voltage 230v 400v

2 thoughts on “Cold Water Washer

  1. Wow, brilliant machine, I hired one and was so impressed that after just one day I hire I bought one.
    Its quiet, powerful, reliable, robust and simple, exactly what it should be !

  2. Nigel Taylor says:

    I just wanted to compliment the staff on the level of not only professionalism, but also on unbelievably good customer service. It is rare these days to find a company where you actually feel that as a customer, they are wanting to do the best for my particular request.
    Whilst my need was relatively straight forward (a new pump for my 10 year old Bulldog Mk4 power washer), it was the level of information and helpfulness that was so impressive. Asking for torque settings for bolts etc, was not too much bother at all and I really felt that the staff cared. Brilliant!
    The power washer itself has given excellent service and considering it has spent 10 years in an “agricultural environment”, that is pretty good going! I can’t think of many other pieces of farm equipment that I have, that are either still going, or have had such little down time as my Mk4. If it ever does give up, I will be straight back for another one!

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